New Year, More New Audio Kit

New Year, More New Audio Kit

UAE: Starting off the New Year, the eclipse audio department have again significantly increased their audio inventory with items from d&b Audiotechnik and DiGiCo supplied by Lightbox, Fiber Optics supplied by NMK and various IT/Computing hardware.

“The new purchases include a range of d&b kit such as Y-Series Y7p, Y10p point Source speakers, Y-Series brackets, M-Series M2 Monitor, E-Series E5 speakers and the new D20 amplifiers.” Head of audio, John Parkhouse comments “The d&b purchase constitutes our continued development and commitment to providing the best available audio systems to our clients. This round sees us bolster our point source offering and stage monitoring stock”.

He continues “The DiGiCo purchase increases our capabilities in key areas of being able to offer the incredibly versatile S21 for smaller and mid-sized shows while simultaneously focusing heavily on fiber optics upgrades and stage racks to open up a tremendous amount of further scope when considering more complex events and distribution over distance. We have also added the DiGiGrid MGB interfaces to increase our breadth of interaction with all MADI enabled consoles and to further develop our recording/playback capabilities which has become a common requirement at all levels of events.” The new DiGiCo gear also includes SD rack
, SD MiniRack all with OpticalCon Optics, SD8 Waves enable kit, SD8 OpticalCon Optics upgrade, SD Rack OpticalCon upgrade kit and SD9 OpticalCon Upgrade kit. For Fiber Optics, the department purchased over 1km OpticalCon fibre on drums.

eclipse Staging Services General Manager Martin Lubach comments, “Last year was a noteworthy year for the eclipse audio department, growing in terms of staff, inventory and warehouse space, and with the growth of the department still on the rise. Plans for further purchases are under way and we predict 2016 to be another successful year for the team.”

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