Keeping it lit at Janet Jackson

Keeping it lit at Janet Jackson

UAE: Janet Jackson continued the heart racing entertainment after the Dubai World Cup at Meydan Racecourse and eclipse Staging Services was once again called in to provide the lighting, rigging, and power for the performance.

Project Manager Duncan Shortt recalls, This year saw the introduction of some new fixtures. As well as 11 Vari-lite 4000 Beam/Wash, which I believe was a first for the region, there were also 58 Ayrton Magic Dots and eight Ayrton Magic Blades. The Ayrton fixtures feature continuous rotation of their pan and tilt functions, and this allowed for some very strong looks across the back of the stage where there was a line of 40 units just above the upstage LED screen.” He continues, “There was also a much bigger scenic element this year, with three huge Austrian blinds across the front of stage which were brought in and out at various points during the show to act as full-width projection screens, where the content interacted with some clever back lighting on Janet’s silhouette.”

This concert also saw the eclipse team battle the elements with an unusual amount of wind and rain, meaning that the team had to cover the three front trusses every night for protection. This decision left the tour production wondering if they should remove the Austrian blind system from the show as it would have really suffered if the wind had persisted. Mr. Shortt comments, “In the end though, the weather broke rather than the kit, and everything worked flawlessly on the night.”

Rather than trying to hide the truss, the team took a different approach to the rigging, basing the lighting rig on the shape of a bird. The trusses raked at either side of the stage to create the feeling of wings, with a central diamond on the downstage edge which created a head. Each truss had a LED facia which “added an extra dimension to the overall look of the rig” said Mr. Shortt.

Malcolm Weldon, Janet Jacksons Production Manager, complimented, “Thank you so much for all of your guys’ hard work and dedication. It was such a great pleasure working with you all. From start to finish I felt you and your team doing their best to provide an excellent product with a smile on your face while doing it which means a lot to us all.”

“The eclipse crew displayed a truly Herculean effort this weekend, delivering a series of successful events, working to the highest standards and overcoming challenges including some tight time scales. Considering the size and timeframe of these events, I am immensely proud of the whole team,” concluded Martin Lubach, General Manager for eclipse Staging Services.

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