Unveiling Expo 2020 Logo

Unveiling Expo 2020 Logo

eclipse Staging Services were approached by UK Production Company Outrageous to support them with the new Expo 2020 logo reveal.

The live event featured a custom built stage platform for V-VIP guests to see the live announcement by HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The new logo was displayed on the world’s biggest video screen outside the Burj Khalifa, which was manufactured and supplied by ShowLED, via four HD Dataton WATCHOUT 6 servers being managed alongside live camera PiPs and keynote presentations by an Analog Way Ascender 48 video switching system with time coded content supplied by the eclipse video team.

This content was then run along almost four kilometres of fibre optic cable to provide live video feeds of the unveiling onto screens inside the Dubai Mall and several satellite locations. While on the other side of the city, the team also provided three 35K HD Christie projectors running from a Green Hippo Taiga Video Server to the Burj Al Arab so that the new logo could be launched simultaneously on two of the world’s most iconic buildings.

“This event brought many challenges not only in terms of the technology needed but in the logistics of running large distances of cable and managing multiple sites. However, as eclipse has invested heavily in resources over the last year it meant we had a large stock and choice of equipment at hand even during one of the busiest weeks of the season,” commented Head of Video Lee Worthington.

eclipse also managed the stage lighting as well as effect lighting around the Dubai Fountains for the ‘moment’ of the reveal.

“As it was such a high-profile project, there was a lot of pressure to deliver it successfully. Any technical problems on a temporary installation of this scale, with well over 100,000 people watching live along with the World’s Media certainly kept my adrenaline levels pretty high. Thankfully the event was flawless with some of the most creative content I’ve seen in a number of years. One of the most rewarding projects in recent times,”  recalls Richard Scott, Project Manager for eclipse Staging Services.