Avicii gives Dubai fans a spectacle with the support of eclipse, StageFX and Laser Grafix

Avicii gives Dubai fans a spectacle with the support of eclipse, StageFX and Laser Grafix

UAE: In a night full of lights, loud music and lasers, Avicii played to nearly 10,000 fans with the technical support of eclipse Staging Services, Stage FX and Laser Grafix. 

Taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, eclipse Staging Services pushed the venue to its limits with their audio, video and lighting equipment. The video supply comprised of two 7m by 7m I-Mags at 6mm pixel pitch, a 9mm back wall and booth facia which were 18m by 7.8m and 6m by 3m respectively. Running off of Avicii’s rider, Duncan Shortt, Project Manager for eclipse explains the changes that were made to suit the venue, “Video screens were reduced slightly as the rider called for more headroom ideally which just wasn’t possible in the trade centre. As such the I-Mags were trimmed from 6m wide by 9m high down to 7m by 7m. Even these were big for the space available both in terms of height and overall width of the hall.” 

“The rig was a very well balanced design with a solid mix of wash, spots, beams and strobes,” he commented. All controlled by a GrandMA 2, the eclipse lighting crew deployed 55 Atomic Strobes, 62 Clay Paky Sharpies, 27 VL 3500 Wash FX, 18 Mac Vipers and 38 Molefays.

The eclipse audio department was ready to take on the responsibility of delivering clear and un-interrupted sound quality to the huge room of varied areas including seven VIP platforms. The kit needed for such a job included a DiGiCo SD8 for control, the team’s new Waves SoundGrid and Waves Maxx Bass BCL running at FOH while the main system was a combination of 28 J-series, 16 V-series which were all fully Array Processed, 16 J-sub and six J-infra. The crew also put to use some of their new and impressive technology, John Parkhouse Head of Audio for eclipse tells us, “we made significant use of our new d&b DS10s which allowed us to transfer PA feeds and R1 system control via our Lake LM44’s then to the DS10s and amplifiers via DANTE with a primary and redundant backup over Cat5. We used SPDIF to AES converters on the DJ mixer which meant that the signal stayed in the digital domain from source through FOH and to the amplifiers. This resulted in a significant and notable quality to the sound. He goes on, “The rig was also fully array processed; our d&b systems never cease to amaze us in their depth of quality with every nuance crystal clear throughout the entire frequency range and the spatial stereo field being vast. The J-Infras, in particular, were notable in giving the tangible feel of energy in the air and various VIP platforms. With a full capacity audience in such a large hall, the sound really was absolutely incredible.”

Avicii's FOH, Rabbit commented, "I had a great experience in Dubai, perfect system, well set up, my favourite control with desks and outboard. It was an absolute pleasure. And as for the crew, you guys rule! Thanks for an easy day". 

For communication, the crew deployed a range of their ClearComm Freespeak kit for complete shatterproof clarity throughout the venue.

“As to be expected from Avicii’s last ever show in Dubai, special effects played a huge part in his performance,” recall’s the special effects provider, Stage FX’s General Manager Arran Hopkins. Stage FX set off 10 MagicFX Co2 Jets, 10 MagicFX Flamaniacs, four MagicFX Confetti Blaster XL’s, four MagicFX Stadium X-Treme Streamer Shots and nine PTX Pyro systems to accentuate the powerful moments in his tracks.

Adding another dimension to the show, Laser Grafix were called in to provide a laser show fit for a final goodbye to Dubai. Using over 144 watts of RYGB Phaenon Laser projectors and one Pangolin Laser control system, the laser experts gave the audience a stadium-worthy display they will not soon forget.

“From a technical perspective, the Avicii tour walked into a show ready rig the evening they arrived. That they spent less than three hours updating lighting positions, tweaking the PA to their specific needs, and finalising the pixel maps to suit their content output is a great indicator of how comfortable they felt with the set up”, concludes Mr. Shortt. 

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