Prosight2 provides eclipse with foresight

Prosight2 provides eclipse with foresight

UAE: Remaining at the cutting edge of the industry’s technology, the eclipse Staging Services audio department has made a further investment into the quality of service they provide and purchased four SSE Prosight2 kits.

Adding to the department’s extensive range of d&b audiotechnik speaker systems, which are uniquely customizable and scalable, their new Prosight2 kits complete with various mounting brackets for all d&b systems, enables the speaker array to be adjusted to the optimum position more quickly. 

Using a laser to visually align the top of an array with a reference point, the new hardware measures the tilt angle of the PA, which it then sends via a standard CAT5 cable to a meter unit where the angle is displayed. The new purchase will speed up the process of hanging the PAs at the correct height and angle for complete optimization.

Head of audio, John Parkhouse comments, “We are always ready to adopt new/improved technology, having used the Prosight 1 previously and knowing how valuable they are to the precision required for PA hangs this led to the purchase of our new Prosight2 kits as soon as they became available from SSE. Coming into the Summer, after a great year in terms of the calibre of events we’ve successfully delivered, our new equipment and the numerous training seminars our audio crew have participated in and are even devising internally, we now focus on further enhancing our services across the board ahead of the next season.” 

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