New Kit for the Lighting Crew

New Kit for the Lighting Crew

Right in the thick of the busy season, eclipse Staging Services has made a significant investment in 50 Claypaky Stormy CCs, an innovative strobe light which uses the latest LED technology.

The new LED strip used in the Stormy is an economical improvement to the classic strobe light while still retaining its classic charm. Although, unlike the classic strobe with a Xenon lamp, you are now able to individually adjust the frequency, duration and intensity of the pulse as it is fully digitally controlled. The Stormy also comes with RGBW LEDs which eliminates the need for gels.

“eclipse has been a valuable customer that has always been on the leading edge of technology. We’re thrilled that they have reinvested in the Claypaky range and are committed to offering their customers access to innovative technology.” Comments Egor Popovski, Middle East Representative for Claypaky.

Martin Lubach, eclipse Staging Services General Manager concludes, “We are extremely pleased with the support we receive from Claypaky, and are very happy with the performance and popularity of our existing Claypaky range”. He goes on, “The purchase of the Stormy CCs is a step in the right direction when it comes to the transition from power hungry fixtures to energy efficient technology.”

eclipse’s new units are due to venture to their first event over the National Day weekend for the Tiesto and DJ Snake performances at Dubai World Trade Centre. 

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