eclipse supports the Dubai World Cup

eclipse supports the Dubai World Cup

For the third year in a row, eclipse Staging Services provided technical support to various elements of the Dubai World Cup.

Beginning and ending the most glamourous event in Dubai’s calendar, eclipse delivered a full power and lighting supply to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Dubai World Cup.

Due to a number of the international suppliers not having correct power plans, eclipse’s power department had some last-minute requirements to fulfil, eclipse’s Head of Power John Devine explains, “The rain caused a number of the incoming supplier’s power to trip as their equipment was not water tight.” On-site, precautions were taken to prepare for any further bad weather, John recalls, “We had to make some equipment extra water tight with covers due to the amount of downpour.”

Speaking about the comparison between this year’s show, and the 2016 edition, eclipse’s Project Manager Duncan Shortt comments, “These are bespoke shows, so the look and feel was very different.” He continues, “It was a constant struggle to fight the weather on this show. High winds and electrical storms hampered work at height, and having to bag 200+ fixtures several times a day on such a big site was roughly a three-hour process.”

The rig itself was designed to primarily enhance the video content on the screen, matching colours of video with coloured light along the top and bottom of the main led screen using a combination of 60 Clay Paky Mythos and 80 Clay Paky Stormy CC led strobes. The mythos were used to further extend the rendered video footage of a symbolic falcon as it flew out of the screen, trying to add an extra dimension to the usually flat video content.

Despite the bout of heavy rain at the race, eclipse kept the excitement levels at a high with a full technical supply at the final event of the weekend, the Sia concert.

eclipse’s power department supplied a 125kva and three 350kva synchronised generators to the production village as well as all the technical elements.

Using eclipse’s in-house WYSIWYG suite, Duncan adapted the touring design to Al Laith’s structure at Meydan. As the weather was an issue during the build, the high winds forced the team to “down tools for one day while stage access and working at height was restricted” commented Duncan.

As Sia’s show was focused more on the theatrics of her dancers as they took to the front of the stage while she essentially provided a backing track, the lighting crew needed to ensure the lighting did not retract from the performance.

It was an interesting project for the audio crew, as it was the first time they had worked in a venue with such a large scale for sound. John Parkhouse, eclipse’s Head of Audio comments, “I was extremely keen to use Array Processing, not only for the show but to have a little time in a venue with such a long and open space to explore the far field emission of the system.” He continues, “With a non-level audience plane and wide open spaces on one side to then be flanked by a large glass building on the other presents a few things to think about when considering designing a system for 100 meters of coverage.”  Sharing John’s interest in utilising the software at the venue was the visiting tour, mentioning that they were yet to experience the D80 or Array Processing. Factors such as startling the horses at Meydan meant that the audio team had to restrict their noise levels and limit their time for sound checks, to combat this, the crew utilised their software to create an in-depth tour of the system to present to the touring crew. “On listening, the system spoke for itself, and the way in which we had tailored it to the peculiarities of the venue was very much appreciated by the visiting engineers.”

“Once again the eclipse team has delivered an impressive series of events for the prestigious Dubai World Cup. This year, eclipse was faced with a variety of challenges such as bad weather and tight timescales, each met and overcame with the same dedication and teamwork eclipse is known for.” Concludes eclipse General Manager, Martin Lubach.

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