eclipse supported the largest EDM festival Barasti has ever seen

eclipse supported the largest EDM festival Barasti has ever seen

Premiering on the sandy shores of Barasti Beach, Sound Collective is a three-day festival of electronic music and culture.

eclipse Staging Services provided a full technical supply to the beach party, marking it as the largest production Barasti Beach has ever hosted. Designed by eclipse’s Bryan Kelly, the curved truss structures were in keeping with Smirnoff’s brand and logo. “We wanted to keep it as curved as possible, rather than just a square flat stage.” Commented Bryan. Using three curves of different sizes, the team placed them behind each other to give depth to the stage. Capitalizing on the 100 lighting fixtures which were in play for the show, the lighting crew used a number of lights to light up the curved trusses and enhance the depth on stage, creating a tunnel effect and bringing the focus onto the DJ booth. To resemble the activation’s other elements such as the white wooden cabins acting as bars, each truss was clad with a lightweight wood effect, tying the whole event together.

To ensure the stage design and each element of the production were as per the client’s requirements, the crew utilised their in-house WYSIWYG suite. The suite allowed the team and the client to pre-visualise the show and see how the lighting and video would work together to complement each other and the stage. “The client was over the moon; They mentioned to me that they wanted to print out the render and WYSIWYG drawings and hold them up in front of the stage as it was exactly as we said it would be.” Recalled Bryan.

As Barasti Beach was still open to the public during the run-up, the team needed to create as little disturbance as possible, meaning the crew had just four days between opening hours to get the stage up and running. In addition to the tight schedule, the team faced the challenge of getting the ground support level on the sandy base. Bryan recalls, “Building such a structure on sand would always slow things down a bit, as we had to make sure we had the structure level before lifting anything 14m in the air. Once we had this done, the structure went up relatively quick. “

The video crew provided the large 9mm backdrop LED screen, with a Green Hippo TAIGA media server for playback. 

For audio, Tariq Al-Hassan took the reins and designed a system to fit the 20m wide stage, making it the biggest audio system that Barasti had ever accommodated. “Fortunately, the structure was very high, so I was able to pick the appropriate height and get the splay of the boxes to where I would get the most effective and even response across the whole beach.” Explained Tariq Al-Hassan, eclipse’s Senior Audio Engineer. eclipse supplied six J8s and two J12s per hang, four V8s as front fills and a sub-array of eight J-Subs and two centre J-Infra subs. Additionally, eclipse supplied l'acoustics dv-dosc and dv-subs for DJ fills and d&b M2s as monitors for dancers and any vocal requirements. To give wider sub-lobe, Tariq angled the subs outward of the array to deliver clean, crisp sound to the entire beach. “We kept the whole system digital from DJ to boxes AES at 96khz with an SD mini-rack on stage and SD9 at FOH on an Optocore ring. We also used Waves MaxxBCL to control and enhance the overall experience. The overall headroom on the system was monstrous.” Concluded Tariq.

Matthew Allen, African & Eastern’s Trade Marketing Manager for Vodka commented, “YOU ALL ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT!! Simply put, I am so proud of you as incredibly talented individuals, but it is an even bigger credit to how you have all come together as a team. This is the best project team I have had the pleasure of being on, bar none!”

“I can’t stress enough how much of a pleasure it was to be a part of the inaugural Sound Collective festival in the UAE. The production and organizational crews worked together amazingly, and I can’t have asked for a better team to work with. If this event was anything to go by, their next festival is going to be immense!” Concluded Bryan. 

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