eclipse supported the much-anticipated Justin Bieber concert

eclipse supported the much-anticipated Justin Bieber concert

Performing at the Autism Rocks Arena, Justin Bieber turned up the Dubai heat with his impressive show which was supported by eclipse’s lighting and rigging experts.

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The rigging load-in began three days before open doors, followed by two days of both stage and site lighting load-in, and final system patching. To adjust to the recent increase in temperature, the crew opted to work in the evenings. “Any time before 5:00 pm proved oppressively hot, so we worked from 5:00 pm-midnight most days, meaning we got more done in less time.” Commented Project Manager, Tom Warneke. Due to the hotter weather, the equipment endured some overheating issues, although, it was nothing that a quick reset didn’t fix.

Aside from the touring consoles and system racks, eclipse supplied the entire lighting system. Designed by Cory FitzGerald, the lighting rig for the Dubai show exceeded 450 fixtures, including a noteworthy 140 Clay Paky Sharpys. “The lighting designer created some stunning looks with the Sharpys, especially on the B and C stages.” Recalled Craig Ralph, eclipse’s Head of Lighting. On arrival, after patching the touring consoles with our kit, it was a simple plug-and-play for the show’s Lighting Director, Nick van Nostrum. “Well executed and thought out programming from a top lighting designer. Everything went well, and the product looked brilliant. It was an excellent experience to be part of such an exciting show.” Concluded Craig.

Yet again, this was a show that highlighted eclipse as one of the regional leaders in delivering high level, large-scale international concert tours; performing efficiently and effectively to deliver large amounts of production to a high standard. Truly a great week thanks to our expert lighting and rigging teams.” Concluded Tom.