Automated webcasting now available in the UAE with the eclipse Group and ShowRUNNER

Automated webcasting now available in the UAE with the eclipse Group and ShowRUNNER

There is rapid change happening in the digital audiovisual landscape. Due to reduced resources and large investments associated with generating live event video content, breakthrough technologies allow a more efficient and faster process in content delivery to the end users.

The eclipse Group, specialists in providing a wide range of technical services to the Middle East’s events industry, announces a new strategic partnership with ShowRUNNER, a fully automated live webcasting solution provider. The well-established webcasting company is devoted to connecting a global audience to meetings and events with groundbreaking technology.

In a world where time is of the essence, ShowRUNNER provides a webcast solution for publishing events instantaneously, with a hassle-free setup saving you time and effort. The system delivers simplicity in capturing and streaming content to a dedicated website, making webcasting easy and affordable which in turn drives ROI. The ShowRUNNER hardware is second to none, self-contained and scalable with patented wireless communication technology suitable for all environments and applications.

President and CEO for ShowRUNNER, Stephen Villoria commented, “One of the advantages of ShowRUNNER is the immediacy of it. If you've really gone out of your way to spend and take time out of your schedule to attend an event and you can't be part of a multi-track event happening at the same time, that's when you’re more likely to use the content. The authenticity of a live event is much better and the content is more valuable immediately after an event, hence the audience are more attuned to wanting to see the content online, immediately after the event.”

The collaborative partnership will enable eclipse Group companies to provide all venues, clients and their customers access to webcasting technology from a leading manufacturer, to record, produce and publish events online at a fraction of the cost associated with production services.

eclipse Venue Services’ General Manager, Sacha Morazain added, “With a rich tradition of providing best-in-class solutions in new ways, we’re committed to fostering creativity and development for our customers, providing them with the powerful integrations they need in today’s ever-evolving digital environment. With ShowRUNNER’s technical functionality and value-added features, paired with eclipse Venue Services’ industry expertise and local market knowledge, we’re all excited to offer our clients a solution that lets them raise the visibility of their events and multiply their return on investment like never before.”

"As the industry continues to grow appreciably, it seems only fitting that ShowRUNNER is the perfect tool for organizations to streamline their operations and broadcast live events of any size to any device with unlimited viewership, which bodes well for the Middle East market. From conferences to corporate events, ShowRUNNER's unique and high-quality live streaming platform combines the benefits of a worldwide reach with its ability to monetize broadcasts – as a result, creating a new online revenue stream for the event owners", concluded eclipse Staging Services General Manager, Martin Lubach.