David Guetta at Nasimi Beach

David Guetta at Nasimi Beach

Ending the year as they started, eclipse Staging Services supported David Guetta’s pre-NYE gig in Nasimi Beach Club at the iconic hotel, Atlantis the Palm, Dubai, with the support of Stage FX and Laser FX.

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Having worked at this venue before, the team were well accustomed to the layout and its requirements, although, this gig called for the biggest set-up it has seen to date. Head of Audio, John Parkhouse explains, “As Nasimi is a relatively small venue, we scaled the audio system down from the rider. That being said it is still the biggest event that’s ever happened at that venue, so for Nasimi, it was on another level compared to previous events we have done there.”

After working on David Guetta’s New Year’s Eve concert last year, Carlos Herreros, Guetta’s engineer “left ecstatic with what we provided”  says Parkhouse. “The aim for us was for him to leave just as happy, if not more following this one, which I believe we achieved.”

Delivery of the audio supply was down to eclipse’s Senior Audio Engineer, Tariq Al-Hassan. “Following John’s design, I adapted the mechanical data in array calc to fit any slight changes or discrepancies that occurred during the build. Once Carlos and the touring team arrived on site, a few changes to the sub-array and front fill design were made to taste. We then recalculated array processing for any scenarios that Carlos or the venue may have required, including a setting that dipped -6db at the VIP area and then time aligned and tuned using Smaart”. Tariq explains.“After listening to the whole system in its full glory, it was established that this was the preferred setting as it gave such an even and smooth response across the whole venue. The system had tons of headroom during the show, and Carlos had plenty of space to push it as he pleased.”  

Due to the recent weather change in the UAE, Dubai has been facing some harsh condensation overnight and early in the morning, which proved a challenge with some of the kit. Tariq recalls, “After sunset, the dew point was high, and condensation formed on everything, even equipment undercover. Due to the condensation forming so fast it gave us a little trouble with some of the DJ kit, but these issues were soon resolved after proper drying.”

All in all, the combination of a well-designed PA and signal path lead to a very clear, full-sounding and high volume show with plenty of breathing space,” concludes Tariq.

The lighting was a compact rendition of the show which will tour this year. The physical space at Nasimi only really allowed for around 40% of the official design, and featured 16x Clay Paky HPE 1500w, 32x Sharpys, 16x Martin Atomic 3000 strobes, 16x led pars and 22x pixelline 1044.  Control and networking was run off two Roadhog 4s over a Gigacore and neutrik fibre backbone. 

On the video side of things, eclipse supplied a 70sqr-m ROE 9mm LED screen and two Hippo TAIGA media servers. The video team were met with the challenge of maintaining a high visual impact show in a compact venue. This challenge was met by splitting the LED up into sections; these sections were then pixel mapped by the touring server. Video was managed and delivered in real time providing video content that complimented the audio tracks. Head of eclipse’s Video department, Lee Worthington comments, “From eclipse’s point of view, it was very important to communicate with the touring video team to ensure a smooth handover on their arrival. Making sure that all pixel maps were to specification, so system handover was faultless.

In true David Guetta style, the night was taken to new heights with the addition of special effects from Stage FX and impressive laser supply from Laser FX. Stage FX delivered a combination of bursts of CO2 and flames to ensure that the show would be one to remember. Arran Hopkins, General Manager of Laser FX says, “It’s always a pleasure to hear the crowd’s reaction to the first laser cue and to see all the phones come out to record our work.”

The final result was spectacular, with razor sharp timing on the queues. When you consider how much kit is normally used on this show, a full size set up is something I would go to see should the opportunity present itself.” Commented Project Manager, Duncan Shortt.